Hank Wakes Up The Neighbors Part Three

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Hank Wakes Up The Neighbors Part Three

Penny did not really know what to expect from her 1st night as Connies slave, after Hank had her pack up her clothes and move them into Connies house. Sally and Yasmin moved in that very night, while Pastor Gilbertson went about his business as normal for now, fully aware that he would have to show up at Minas every time she wished. He dreaded the thought of what she would do to him, since he had earned her hatred by attacking her verbally for being an unwed mother.

Connie met Penny in a bathrobe, and then ordered her to strip right away, saying that, "You have no job now, but to please me, slave, so get used to spending most of your time here- in the buff! If I say that you can wear clothes, then you may, but otherwise you are naked, as my little kitten, and you have to eat from the kitty bowl. Furthermore, you will eat what I give you to eat, and nothing more. If I want you hungry for a day or two, then you will go to bed hungry.
I will probably do that now and then, as a punishment, to remind you that I control every aspect of your life from henceforth. You will quit going to work, so they will fire you for absenteeism, and that will make it difficult to get a different job here. That means that if the INS finds out that youre not employed, then you may well be deported.

What I said earlier I just did to be cruel, by taunting you with the most horrible idea that I could possibly use to threaten you, but be assured that I reserve the right to do that for an indefinite period of time. In any case, you will only fuck whom I say to fuck, and I will fuck whomever I please." 

That news was frightening enough, but at least she did not have to give up men altogether, as she feared. Still, she had no say about her own sex life, which meant she would have to accept some things that she might not relish, and she may not get to be with either her estranged husband or Pastor Gilbertson again.

Penny was totally nude now, and Connie ordered her to follow her into the bath for her 1st duty- a bath massage. As she rubbed Connie down, she thoroughly enjoyed the sensation of touching a womans flesh, contrary to her own expectations, which clearly meant that she had latent Sapphic tendencies. That was a shock to say the least, but no more then when Connie planted a kiss on her mouth and told her to get in the tub with her, because, "You need to get clean too, slave. By the way, you will address me as Mistress Constance." "Thank you, Mistress Constance.", was Pennys sole reply.

Connie started washing and rubbing Penny over, whispering sexy things in her ears to get her aroused, and then fondling her breasts from behind. "Now, masturbate, slave. Play with that pussy of yours while I feel you up." "Yes, Mistress Constance.", Penny replied. 

Penny never masturbated, but she had heard that it was done with the fingers and hands, so she started using them to manipulate her pussy, getting herself wet much sooner than she thought. While that surprisingly wonderful experience affected her for the 1st time in her whole life, Connie kept massaging her breasts and back, then she told Penny to turn around. "Eat my pussy, slave. I want my sex as wet from your lips and tongue as from the water. Eat me to climax, or its no dinner tonight, kitten." Faced with the choice of hunger or tasting a womans cunt, she naturally went with the latter.

Penny began munching on her mistresss cunt, although she had little knowledge of what to do with it. She just kept running her tongue and lips on her mistress, letting instinct take over, to the point that she even nibbled on her a little. Apparently, this technique was a good guess, because Connie began to moisten, and then to moan. 

"Slave, you are doing so well for your /first-time/">first time of cunnilingus; are you sure that youve never munched a muff before? You must be a natural, at least bisexual, if not an outright lesbian. You seem to enjoy it, too.", Connie noted. She at last began to feel the full orgasm, as Pennys teeth were sprayed with womanly juices. Penny expected that she would get her turn now, but Connie now instructed her, "Alright, I want you to rim xxx my ass, slave. Once again, you had better get me off, or forget about dinner."

This idea bothered Penny a lot more, since the butt always seemed like a dirty area to her, but with her mistress freshly clean, and no option left to her, she went ahead and put her mouth between Connies cheeks. It was shockingly delectable, with the sweat making it even succulent, and soon Penny began to sample anal juices, which she had never imagined existed in the first place. She could not help herself- she had to devour Connies delicious bottom. Her cheeks were smooth and creamy, which made them a delight to taste as well. Connies next climax was obviously real.

"Youve been incredibly good for your 1st night as a Sapphic /slave/slave-girl/">slave girl, so I will return the favor, eating you out as well.", Connie told her. She did as she promised, tossing Pennys salad, which the woman could not handle, because she was just getting hornier than hell. The feeling of Connies lips and tongue on her cunt and ass got Penny way too wet too soon. "Oh, Mistress Constance, I love this, thank you! Your mouth is gliding all over my cunt and my bum! I love you, Mistress Constance!"

"You love me, do you slave? Well, then we will have to watch you, since you have a tendency to be cruel to those whom you love, dont you, slave?", Connie remarked. "I will never dare to be cruel to you, Mistress Constance; I worship you!", Penny exclaimed.

"You worship me? Thats a shocking statement for a fundamentalist to make! No more time for that old-time religion anymore, eh? I guess youre a Goddess worshipper, now, arent you, you lesbian witch? Well, Im not a Goddess worshipper, or any other religion, so I dont care, but I can definitely use your idolatry to my own purpose, cant I? Since you consider me divine, I expect you to act like it; you will bow and grovel to me every day, begging me to use you as I please." Connie announced. "Yes, Mistress Constance! I want to serve you, my lovely Mistress Constance!", Penny cried, as the mouth kept moving over her soaking sex and sphincter. Every motion got her into orbit. All Penny knew that she truly had converted to total adoration of her sexy, dominant new mistress. 

"So much for your defiant attitude at Hanks house, huh? Now, you crave my tongue and lips, not to mention my /pussy/ass-pussy/ass-and-pussy/">ass and pussy, dont you, slave? You are a /submissive/">submissive, bisexual woman, who only needed the right mistress to bring that out in you, arent you? Whats more, you are so delicious that I am going to have keep your cunt and ass available to me at all times, since I am going to enjoy them a lot.", Connie informed her.

"You will bathe and shower with me, sleep on the bed with me, stay naked as much as possible, and prepare for any sex act I have in mind. You will be a lipstick lesbian, totally accepting the femme persona of a Sapphic housewife- the homemaker waiting for her girlfriend to come home to her at night. You will wear makeup, style your porn videos download hair as femininely as possible, and keep yourself smooth and your nails manicured and pedicured.", Connie elaborated, "Whats more, you will do household chores, such as laundry, cleaning, and cooking, and will not be allowed to watch TV or do anything else until youre finished with them." Penny took this in, as she climaxed from the oral pleasure Connie was "inflicting" on her.

As for Pastor Gilbertson, his fears were realized, when he reported to Mistress Mina, to find her ready with a whip and full dominatrix gear. She told him to undress, and then she lashed him 4 times with the flagellum, to get him in a submissive mood from the fear of more lashing. Each stroke smarted terribly, leaving a series of welts on his back, and then he felt her handcuff him and put a collar with a leash around his neck. A gag was put into his mouth, so he would not be able to talk back to her. She went over to his cock, grabbed and fondled for a minute, just enough to tease him, and then she abruptly stopped, slapping his cheeks with her palms.