Johns Lesson

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Johns Lesson

Mina and I have been dating for almost five years when we met John. Before I tell you more about John ,however, let me introduce myself. My name is Darius. My /girlfriend/">girlfriend Mina and I are both in our mid-thirties.

Early on in our relationship we started swinging and having threesomes. We never have another girl no matter how nicely I ask. Mina doesnt like the idea.

It was through a friend of Minas that we found John. John was a twenty something security specialist. And like most twenty somethings John was obsessed with fitness and muscle building. It worked for him though. The man looked like a god.
His brown hair and blue eyes only increased his overall good looks.

Mina and I arranged to have John over for dinner and a fuck Friday night. Mina was obviously excited about the weekend as she spent the entire Friday morning cooking and cleaning. She even had her hair done at the local salon which she never did. I was almost jealous.

John arrived at seven fifteen and brought with him a bottle of red wine and a bouquet of flowers for Mina. I took the bottle and poured us each a glass of wine. Dinner was served soon after that. Conversation around the dinner table was easy and centered mostly around jobs and school experiences. When dinner was finished we retreated to the sitting room for an after dinner shot of whatever liquor we could find.

Once again conversation was easy until Mina said, "would either of you mind if I run upstairs to slip into something a bit more comfortable?" When John and I nodded she stood up and practically ran from the room. John smiled into his drink as he watched he ass head up the stairs.

"Do you mind if I speak frankly?" He asked me.

"Not at all. Whats on your mind?"

"Well your girl to be honest. I cant help but wonder when were going to get started with the actual reason Im here. Frankly Im almost busting out my fly here." It was then that I noticed the buldge in his pants. By the looks of it his cock was huge, larger than my own.

"Right now" Mina said as she reentered the living room. She was naked as the day she was born. She didnt hesitate for one moment in walking over to John and straddling his legs. She all but plastered herself to him as she went in for a kiss. John did not disappoint by the sound of her moans as he kissed her back hard.

She reached down and unzipped his fly. Johns cock sprang free from its denim prison and pointed straight up. I was right it was huge. Easily 9 long it was as thick as my wrist. Precum already glistened at the head of his cock. Mina stroked the monster cock reverently and purred when John arched into her hand. I quickly sprang my own 7 cock and started stroking to the same rhythm as Mina.

"Come upstairs." Mina growled and crawled off Johns lap. She reached down and took his cock in her hand and pulled slightly until John got up from his chair. She led him over to me indian santali xvideo and repeated the action before leading us both by thr cocks up the stairs. Her slightly larger than average breasts jiggled as she all but ran up the stairs.

When the got to the bedroom Mina efficiently stripped off both my and Johns clothes. She pushed us down on the bed where we lay side by side on our backs.

She stood looking at us a moment, licked her lips and escended on my cock. Mina was an excellent cocksucker and she soon moved on to John. The sight of her swallowing that cock almost made me come. Being so close to orgasm spurred me on and i gor on my knees behind Mina. As if sensing my intentions she raised her bum in the air and arched her back. Her pussy was swollen and glistening. I had no trouble entering her. I started fucking her hard and heard her moan around Johns cock.

For some reason John decided to slip from beneath Mina and watch instead. Pretty soon Mina and I were lost to ourselves. What remained were two animals who were desperate for releases. It was the only reason why I let John do what he did next. I was so far gone that i didnt see John get up and move around the bed. I only realized his changed in position when I felt his cool and wet finger push at my /asshole/">asshole. The feeling of that finger felt so good that I didnt even think to resist it as it pressed into me. Pretty soon it was two fingers inside my ass. It made me tingle to be honest and i didnt protest. I just kept fucking Mina.

What gave me a moments pause however was when John got on the bed behind me and put on hand on my hip. I froze inside Mina when he pressed his cock head at the entrance of my ass. "No." I said and looked over my shoulder at him. "Yes he said and pushed forward. I was stuck. Mina was pushing back against my cock and John was pressing alain lyle porn at my back. I literally could not move.

Mina kept pushing back and John kept pushing forward as i started to panic a little. I did not want his cock in my ass. But then his cock head ripped through my asshole and the pain was intense. "Dont worry." He said, "Itll get better." He surged inside me once and then stilled. Even Mina went still as I squirmed from the pain of penetration.

After a moment of clinching and releasing the dick in my ass it started feeling almost good. Then he started moving. I moaned involuntarily at the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of my ass. I collapsed forward onto Mina as she started rotating her hips on my cock.

For the /first-time/">first time in my life I was being fucked. And as John started fucking me harder I was being fucked properly. The orgasm came out of nowhere and I spurted deep inside Minas cunt. It wasnt long before I felt Mina come and the felt a spurt of hot come hit my insides. John fucked me even harder as he came. He just kept spurting and banging which led to another orgasm for me.

By the time he pulled out I was exhausted. Mina and John, however had other ideas. They traded places and John started sucking my and Minas come off my now limp cock and Mina licked Johns come out of my ass.

The last thing I saw before falling asleep was John and Mina kissing as the shared their bounties.