Working and becoming a lover

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Working and becoming a lover

Did you ever have a friend who had a wife or girlfriend who you worked with? Well here's a story that covered a period of about a year that I call "The sexist woman I ever met". I worked with a guy who was a /friend/good-friend/">good friend. He had a sister that got married and began to work in the same office as I did. The six of us would go out together on the weekends about 3 or 4 times a month, my friend and his wife, me and my wife and the lady and her new husband. I lived fairly close to the lady and during the gas problem years ago when there were long lines to get fuel, and for pure economy (we were both very under paid), we decided to ride together along with another guy from work. I would drive one week and she the other. We even had a third guy who drove once in awhile.

I never felt that D (I call her that to protect the individuals in this true story) was a real /lady/sexy-lady/">sexy lady. In face she looked about average at best with her very conservative clothing and hairstyle. We would ride together pick up the other guy and drive to work talking about most anything and everything. Things that were in the news, or in our lives stuff like that. I would kid her about her hard restricted catholic up bring and her "Victorian ways" as I called it! I even laughed about her and her husband having sex. Missionary style only and only in the dark only once a week on Saturday night, maybe. I bet her that's all she ever did. She would tell me I was wrong and blush as we kidded. The other guy would join in the conversation but sparingly. He would always say: "You have to watch the quiet ones they are killers in the dark!" We would all laugh!

One day after dropping off the other guy, I was teasing her about her Victorian ways again, when she surprised me and took hold of my hand. She told me I wouldn't believe how much sex she and her husband have in any given week. She told me he was the first guy to have her, and that she was a virgin when they got married. But, it didn't happen until the day after the day they got married. He got drunk the day of their wedding and couldn't do it when they got to the hotel. In fact he fell asleep!! He had passed out while she changed! She was really pissed since she had waited all her life to get screwed. She really want to know how it would be, how it would feel and to have a /orgasm/real-orgasm/">real orgasm from love making. She had jerked him off and her had rubbed her pussy on the outside until she climaxed. As she talked, she was still hold my hand and looking me directly in the eye as we chatted. She told me she always wants it now, but her husband only did it 3 or 4 times a week with her taking the aggressive role. I actually began to get hard thinking about a woman who wanted, no needed, sex as much as any guy I knew did and had she had to almost beg to fuck her! I told her I am that way too! I had to beg for it once or twice a week at the most, and then only when I came on to my wife. As I talked she rubbed my hand and looked down at my bulge rising in my slacks!

Then, she kissed my hand and with her tongue licked it! I was shocked again! She told me she was not Victorian and she would prove it one day to me. She smiled as she began to drive again towards my house. I touched her face and hair and she held my hand to her face. She then moved it to her arm and then moved it across to her breast and she held it there as she sighed and looked at me again! When she didn't move my hand, I did and cupped her breast gently. When I began to squeeze and rub it on the outside of her blouse, I felt her nipple began to grow under my palm and I heard her moan! She told me: "Oh don't start something we can't finish babe. Oh that feels so nice! Your hand is so gently!" As we drove on, we got to the street before the one I lived on, and I asked her to turn down and stop. She did and I pulled her to me. She opened her mouth and sucked hard on my tongue as she squeezed her body tightly to me. Her arms went around my neck and I could feel her breathing becoming louder and faster in my ear as we held each other. My hand kept moving around on her breast from one to the other. I heard her moan for sure this time! And then sigh loudly say: "Oh yes! Oh yes! Squeeze it! Rub my nipples. Oh yes, that's it!! Nice! Mummm !! I love that! Mummmm!

God she was nice!!! Much nicer than I would have ever believed! Her breasts were much bigger than they looked! They were full and round and had nice hard nipples! They were always hidden by the clothes she came to work in I guess. We sucked each other's tongue for few minutes and then I felt her hand searching and locating my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock, which was straining to get out of my slacks. She moaned again when she ran her hand up and down the length of it. She wrapped her small fingers around it as best she could, since it was still inside my slacks, and shoved her tongue deep into my mouth moaning again and again! She lifted up so her skirt could open further and I reached between her legs. She opened them wide for me immediately! When I touched her pussy, I swear to god, I could have bet she almost got off from her pumping and moaning and thrusting her body on my hand. From that little touching we gave each other she was panting like she was in heat! It was only a few minutes and she was humping her pussy on my leg as she moved her thigh over it! My hand stayed up between her thighs and she gladly kept her legs wide open for me. Her skirt was ” way up her thighs and she kept telling me: "Oh yes baby! Touch my pussy! Oh yes!! Mummm! Oh baby! I'm so hot! Oh rub it faster baby!" She had on panty hose that day and I could still feel her heat and wetness when my hand stroked her softness between those wide-open legs! Her pussy was pulsating as I touched and rubbed it.

I kept rubbing it up and down a couple more times and she sighed as if she was in heaven! When I gently cupped her entire pussy with my full hand, she pushed hard against it! Her moans came almost every other seconds as she squeezed her legs together with my hand between them. I wiggled my hand and fingers around as her legs and now her hand held my hand tightly against her cunt. And soon she was panting as if she were a dog in heat!! She grinned her hips against my hand and GOT OFF!! I couldn't believe it!! I had my hand on her pussy no more than 3 minutes and she got off!! I mean she climaxed orgasm she got off!! ! Holy shit!!! This girl was in heat!! When she recovered a little she relaxed her legs and I slide my hand over her pussy, gently stroking it from the top to under her ass and then back up! I could smell her musk and it made my dick jump with excitement! She kept stroking my hard cock as we both watched her small hand go up and down the full length of it on the outside of my slacks. There was a small wet spot beginning to show on the material and I asked her: "Take it out baby! Take my cock out of my slacks and pump it! I don't want to cum in them! It will leave a big stain I won't be able to explain to my wife" But she told me: "No not here! We better stop for now too many people!"

Since it was rush hour and there were a lot of people walking down the street, we did stop. I went into my house with cock hard as hell and my head spinning. I asked myself: "What the fuck just happened!!!?? Was that really D who squeezed my cock and let me run my hands over her pussy making it cum? Was that she who choked me with her tongue as she opened her legs when I touched her knees?" God she was panting in seconds!! Holy shit!!! She was in a /bad/">bad way and needed fucking bad!!!! As I went into the house I had to hide my hard on from my wife. We ate dinner and watched TV and went to bed at 9PM. I fucked her like a /crazy/">crazy man that evening!

The next day it was my turn to drive and as I drove to D's place I wondered what would happen. I pulled up to her house and saw her door was opened. As I beeped the horn, she came to the door and motioned for me to come in. I walked up to her door as she opened the outside door for me. Her husband had gone already and she was dressed for work. As soon as I got into the house she closed the door and grabbed me. We held each other trying to shove our tongues down the other person's throat. My hands ran over her back and down to her ass!! NICE ASS!!(Another /surprise/">surprise. Where the fuck was she hiding that ass all these years I have known her?) It was round and firm and as she squeezed into me I could feel her pumping it in against me. I cupped it tight with both hands and pulled her body hard against me. She moaned and held me tighter yet! I lifted her dress and my hands touched her skin! She wasn't wearing any panties! OMG!! My cock was crying to get out of my slack. As we lowered ourselves to the floor, I heard her moaned again and again as our bodies merged together. When she felt my knee touch her knees she opened her legs wide and I slide my leg between her thighs and pushed it up tight against her pussy! My cock was against her pussy and hard as a rock! I know she felt it because immediately she began to dry hump me. Lifting her /ass/nice-ass/">nice ass up in the air and holding me tight as she rocked against me. I know she could feel my rock hard cock against her and she was crying out as she slammed her pussy up against me. As she dry fucked me there on her living room floor, she bit my lip and sucked my tongue so hard she hurt it! I raised her skirt up over her stomach exposing her nicely shaped legs and her neatly trimmed pussy. I could see it was wet as if she had been swimming in the ocean! I put my hands under that nice ass and pushed my full body in between her legs as she grinned her body into me. Within a minute she cried out, and began to pump and pump and pump up and down cumming from rocking against my cock. But, I was still clothed, I was only pumping her not fucking her!!! God!! I hadn't even touched her pussy directly yet and she had gotten off.

As her body fell back on the floor, I began to kiss my way down her body. When my mouth touched skin I began to lick over her stomach and thighs and when she bent her knees, my face slide down her leg and over to her wet snatch! She immediately arches up again as she felt my fingers and mouth on her pussy! I kissed my way around her wetness until she grabbed my head and slammed it into her cunt. It took about 30 seconds of licking and touching to get her to /climax/">climax again screaming loudly this time! Her body shook and shivered and her eyes went back into her head as she just kept cuming and cuming!! Finally she started to slow down, I stood up and dropped my slack letting my extremely hard 7inch-cock pop out the hole in my boxers. When she saw it sticking free porn movies download straight out, she jumped up on to her knees, garbed it and sucked the swollen head into her mouth! She sucked as hard as she could on the cock head while her hands started to pump back and forth on the hard shaft. She pumped it as fast as she could make her full hd xvideo download hands go and sucked hard on the head!! It took me about 2 minutes before I dumped a ton of my /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum into her mouth! When I told her I was about to cum, she moaned and sucked it harder squeezing the shaft tightly! Every time she felt me pump another shot of cum into her mouth she would moan or sigh again! When I had finished, she wiped her mouth and hugged me tight letting my cock rub around her face! She stood up and sighed! She told me we had no time to do anything else now, we would be late picking up S and late for work! I didn't care and told her let's call in sick. But she wouldn't agree. She stood up, straightens herself and her clothes, and slipped on a pair of white panties as I pulled my fucking pants up! I was pissed!! I really wanted to fuck NOW!! But no, we walked to the door as she told me: "But, one day we'll spend the full day together I promise! I want you so bad I hurt!" I told her: "You hurt! I have a pain that's not going away until I fuck you baby! GOD we can't just stop now! Come on let's do it fast on the table here! It won't take long the way we both feel!!" She moaned again as she squeezed me tight. "God that was good! I have been thinking about you and your cock all night! I fucked my husband like a whore in heat last night! But we have to stop for now! Let's go!" I smiled and told her I did the same to my wife!!!