New House New Neighbor

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
New House New Neighbor

I’m four months /pregnant/">pregnant, my asshole husband hasn’t touched me since I told him I was with child and my pussy is wet all the time, I can’t get sex off my mind. I am spending more time playing with myself then anything else it seems and to top it off, we have just moved into this house we are now residing in. Along with still unpacking, the damn garbage disposal doesn’t work and my husband has no time to fix it, it seems. Now I am not an unattractive lady, I have a thirty six C chest, twenty two inch waist before the preggo stage and a /ass/nice-ass/very-nice-ass/">very nice ass and my new neighbor was out in his yard, so I decided to use my femininity to try and get him to at least look at it. He was standing out there in a pair of cut offs, no shirt or footwear, fairly long blond hair, nicely muscled and my pussy got wet again as it did when I first saw him yesterday, but then that was not a /surprise/">surprise, some commercials got my /wet/pussy-wet/">pussy wet now. I had on a night gown that barely covered my pussy and saw no reason to change it, so I walked outside to ask him about my problem. I told him about the disposal and he said he would take a crack at it for me, so he followed me back into the house. I had no idea that when I walked up the steps ahead of him, my ass was in plain view for him and by the time I opened the back door, he was well on his way to a hard-on. After we entered my house it dawned on me that I hadn’t introduced myself and I told him my name, he said his name was Dan and shook my hand. He opened the sink door, turned the water on and then the disposal, but as usual, nothing happened. Luckily there was nothing in the space yet and he got down on his back to check out the disposal and his shorts rode up a bit, exposing just a little more then the head of his cock.

I was mesmerized by what I could see of his prick, unlike my husband he was /circumcised/">circumcised and he was bigger then my husband. My pussy went into overdrive, I got so wet it was starting to run down my leg and I had stepped over his legs to get a better look at his cock or at least the part I could see and just froze there, not knowing if I should back away or not. But it didn’t matter, when I spread my legs to stand over him, I gave him a perfect view of my pussy and he could see how wet I was, so he just reached up between my legs and slid his finger into my pussy. He really caught me by surprise, but his finger felt so good in my pussy, I just said, ’Ooh’ as he worked his finger around inside my boiling /cunt/hot-cunt/">hot cunt. I didn’t cum right then but I was so wet, it was running down his hand and he said, ’Now that’s a pussy that needs attention’ and put another finger into my blazing pussy. He sat up, sucked my clit into his mouth, put another finger in my cunt and when he sucked on my clit, I shot cum out all over him and my legs gave way. He caught me and lowered me to the floor, got right between my legs and stuck his tongue in my over heated pussy, while at the same time, sliding a finger into my asshole, making me moan like a porn start as I came again. By now my nightie was around my neck, he had somehow taken his shorts off, put the head of his cock at my /cunt/cunt-hole/">cunt hole and in one motion, drove his /sweet/">sweet piece of meat home. He was now sucking milf porn videos on my tit while he was pounding my pussy and my pussy was in heaven, it now had the biggest, hardest, hottest cock it ever had, in it and I was moaning louder then the porn stars as he fucked me senseless with his /fucking/big-fuck/">big fuck tool. I wrapped my arms and legs around him, came again and he just kept pounding my needy pussy, he was giving me the /fucking/best-fuck/">best fuck of my life and I just kept moaning, ’Fuck me baby, /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder baby, fuck me, fuck me.’ I screamed again as he made me cum and my cum erupted out of my pussy, covering us both with my cunt juice.

He pinned my legs back, so my ass was off the floor and pounded me so good, I was in a fuck stupor, all I wanted was his cock pounding my pussy into submission and this time I couldn’t even scream as I came again. He continued to /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard for a bit more, then I felt his cock growing in my cunt, he stiffened up, pushed hard into my pussy, I pushed back hard and then I felt his cum shooting like a hot lava flow into my waiting pussy. He came like a horse, he filled my cunt with more cum then I had ever felt inside me, my pussy was floating in his cock cream, so much of it, it was running down over my ass with his cock still buried in my pussy. We lay there on the floor with his cock buried in me, I had never been fucked so good in my life and he told me that I had beautiful tits and he was going to fuck them soon, another image for my now sex crazed mind. He got off me, put his cock at my mouth and told me to lick him clean and I opened my mouth and sucked his cock inside of it, doing something for him I had never done even for my husband. I sucked both my cum and his cum off his sweet cock, the /first-time/">first time I had a cock in my mouth with my cum on it and I loved it so much, I was disappointed when he got soft. He helped me off the floor, asked if the bed was together, I told him it was and when he said that we were going to use it again now, I thought I was hearing things, my husband never did me twice in the same day, not even on our honeymoon. He picked me up and carried me up to bed while telling me what a nice /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy I had and he was going to put it to good use. He then asked if I liked taking blowjob porn videos it in the ass and when I told him my ass was still virgin territory, he smiled and said we would fix that later on. By the time we got to my bedroom, he was hard again and when he put me on the bed, he let me hold it and take good look at it. It’s not that he was as big as those porn stars, but he was no slouch either, he was about eight inches long and as fat as a big banana, quite a bit bigger then my husband or any other cock I ever had, which was only three others beside my husband.

He made me lick and kiss it all over, a task which had my pussy on fire again and when he slid his cock into my mouth, my pussy was leaking like a sieve again. He put me on my hands and knees at the end of the bed, stood on the floor and again drove his cock home in one motion, making me howl like an animal. He took hold of my nipples and was pulling on them while he slowly fucked me and I had never felt anything like that in my life and came in less then a minute again. He began telling me what a hot piece of ass I was, how fucking tight my pussy was, that I was born to be fucked and used like a whore and I was now his little whore. My brain and pussy both exploded from all of this sensory input and I had never been talked to or used like Dan was using or talking to me and I would have done anything he wanted, he now owned me. He made me cum twice more before his cock began swelling up inside my pussy again, he now pushed my ass down so that he was driving his cock up into my cunt and then he slammed against my ass and filled me with his /hot/red-hot/">red hot, syrupy smooth cum and it made me scream as I came again. When he was finished using my cunt, he put his prick back in my mouth for me to suck clean and I did it joyfully. That was the best day of my life, he made me get on my knees in bed and suck his cock, swallowing his hot creamy nectar and he fucked me three more times that day. My pussy was so happy that I didn’t even play with it that night and I slept like a log for an added bonus, but did dream about his cock cumming on my tits and face. I have no idea what he does for a living but he is home a lot and I never wear clothes in the house anymore because I never know when he is going to show up. He did get his cock in my ass and he has fucked my tits and I don’t know how I will hold up for the six weeks after the baby is born, that man is the most magnificent fucker in the world and he still fucks me at least fours time a day, sometimes, even in his yard when my husband is home.