My girlfriend the hoe part 2

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
My girlfriend the hoe part 2

C and I were driving home from my grandparents house one night. We were taking turns playing a game, seeing if we get off while driving. So I let her drive first, and had completely stripped her and was fingering her and sucking her tits while she drove. She was loving it, and getting closer by the minute. 

A car came up behind us, and got really close to us. C got nervous, but I didn't care if they saw through the window, and kept playing with her. Suddenly, the lights flashed on, and we realized it was a cop pulling us over. 

C tried to get her clothes on as fast as possible, but the cop must have hurried up to the door, because she had just got her on and only had her pants halfway up her legs when he got there. He immediately told her to stop what she was doing and get out of the car. 

We asked why, but he said any uncooperative behavior would result in being arrested for failure to follow a police officers instructions, or something like that. So C stepped out of the car and was told to put her hands on the hood, which forced her to bend over, giving the cop a nice view of her thong-covered ass. He stepped up to her and started frisking her, and I started to get out of the car. He made me stop, and said moving towards him would be interpreted threateningly and he would shoot. So I had to get back in the car and watch what happened. 

He forced C to lay her chest down on the hood, and then yanked her thong and pants back down to her ankles, before telling her to step out of them. Now completely naked, with her legs spread, C was exposed to the cop. He began fingering her, and started rubbing her tits. I could tell she didn't like it, yet something about it turned C on. The cop then dropped his pants and, without any warning to her, plunged inside. I heard a sharp moan, and then saw her start pushing back against him. 

She was enjoying it! The cop fucked her for about five minutes, before pushing her to her knees and shoving his cock in her mouth. He told her to suck him off, or go to . She obeyed, sucking dick like I have never seen her do before. Within seconds he was filling the inside of her mouth with cum. 

When the cop was finished, he said C had to come with him. We asked why, and he said he needed a little fuck doll for the rest of his tour, which was another seven hours. I was to wait right here, and he would return her at the end of the shift. He told her to leave all her clothes, and get in the front seat next to him. She had no choice, and again did as she was told. 

Seven hours later, the cop pulled up right next to me, so I could see inside the car. There was C, bent over the seat, sucking his dick while he drove! She looked really into it, and soon had the cop filling her mouth with his seed again. When finished, she got out and back into xnxxv sunny leone video my car. 

The cop drove real forced anal against her will away, and C said to me "We need to get pulled over more often". But the story behind that will have to wait for another day.