Remembering times with Ricky part2

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Remembering times with Ricky part2

*** ( Please note words in brackets are a translation for /american/">american readers where I think required)

My tongue dipped and lapped along Rickys tight arse cleft. the bitter /sweet/">sweet tang urging me to lap deeper with Ricky urging me on..
? Dig your tongue in....suck my shit.....oooo....oh sheesh....!?

I pushed a little lower as he lifted his arse causing a fine pair of balls to hang down and invite me to suck them and I reached through to a warm throbbing penis or was it a cock ,what ever name you called it,it was a fine example of uncut manhood later measured at 7 inches and with a 3 inch girth. Not to big and not to small and I was about to find out very tasty too.

I dived and rolled under him bringing my open mouth in touch with the hidden bell end(helmet) pulling back the foreskin and sucking on the engorged head and reached around his arse cheek,pushing my index finger into his warm, spital lubed arse tube.
The response was a little more dramatic than I,d expected. Ricky started to thrust and twist his hips,swearing and warning me at the same time.
Fuck,you cunt, I aint gona last long now,finger fuck me,suck me...oh god,im close....oh shit ,fuck,cunt you gona get a mouth full!!?

I could nt help my self,I pushed my finger in harder,pursed my lips to create a suction and held on while Ricky fucked my mouth till his knob end twitched and with a hard thrust that made me gag, his sphincter locked on my finger,unlocked and then sharply relocked and a warm salty and sweet ?glue? burst on to my tongue. 5 times. each burst a little less....spit or swallow ? an age old question..my answer was to swallow.

Ricky pulled out and rolled over as I pulled my finger from his still pulsing hole revealing more blond white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie hair around his crotch proving he was a natural blond and the ?silver? was a highlight colour to improve his already good looks..
? You cunt.....I was hoping to last so I could fuck your arse..now ill need at least Half an hour to build up fresh spunk!
?Dont worry? I replied ,Im in no hurry. Im enjoying the view?.

Ricky giggled and rolled towards me , diving on my stiff, throbbing, also uncut dick and pulled back my foreskin and lapped and sucked ,pushing his tongue into the slit and ?pouring? his saliva and drool down the shaft,,,,he pulled off and dipped to my balls sucking and licking them before returning to my knob and giving it another dousing....
?Your gona plug my arse and fill me up....so I can fill you!
With that he rolled over ,crawled down the bed,stuck a pillar under his hips pushed his fine,/cute/">cute well curved bubble butt in the air and and ordered.....?/fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard?!

What was a man to do....I paused briefly to engrave the sight on my memory and then shuffled forward on my knees ,pulled back my skin and pushed home enjoying the warm almost hot heat of his arse as I penetrated in one push,thinking hes no virgin,then pulled back and then pushed again swiftly adopting a sawing action,in ,out and twisting my hips as Ricky pushed back and started to match my swivel action,after about 5 minutes of this I was starting to come to the boil and warned Ricky..
?Sorry man I cant hold it....I gona cum any minute.....ya wan it in or out??
? In you fucker you gota fill me up!?

Two more thrusts and I felt the spunk rising beyond control. A lava tube heading for eruption and erupt it did just as Rickys arse pulsed on my swelling shaft delivering 4 hot globs into that tight funnel with a force that left me with pain in the arse ,that also sent a shiver down my spine ,and a little dizzy.

I pulled out and watched a string of spunk form from his arse to my knob, snap and let a white blob
drip from the gaping hole, down over his balls to drop onto the bed sheet.

I sat back on my heels, unable to speak,a little breathless stunned by the magic of the event....so carried away by my first full on /anal/anal-sex/">anal sex event and the sight of Ricky in all his naked glory that I didnt hear Ricky speaking....

?Space to earth....are you receiving,,,,that was a fucking /fucking/good-fuck/">good fuck mate.....just one thing I gota ask......whats your name? Im Richard Small...you can call me stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv Ricky...what do I call you??

That was the start of my teenage/early twenties bi sex life....as I said Ricky introduced me to Gay threesomes .bi sex threesomes ,plus a full on gay /orgy/">orgy in the open air,a /orgy/orgy-sex/bi-sex-orgy/">bi sex orgy on a bouncy castle ,a bi sex /foursome/">foursome and straight partner swapping,with a difference...A very active five years.

I hope to share more as time permits...and My memories are triggered by sights of my eldest sons mate Dan.