Owed by ex wife III

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Owed by ex wife III

I went with Jenny still having yet to cum from the night before. When I left Karen?s house she was taking on two of her friends husbands and she was basically a cum bucket.

Jenny stripped at her house and she had me fuck her on the family room floor. Her husband walked in and didn?t even say a thing. Jenny said, ?He knows I want to get /pregnant/">pregnant so I bring home guys I want to fuck and try to get pregnant.? 

?You are going to fuck me and hopefully get me pregnant. If you do a good job I?ll give you a present.? I asked her what and her naked /sister/">sister Jojo walked in.

?My husband doesn?t mind me fucking other men because my sister services his every whim. And if you pump me full of your cum I?ll let you have her today.?

Looking at Jenny?s /sister/hot-sister/">hot sister I couldn?t contain myself and I finally let go and came into Jenny. I had been hard for twelve hours and it felt awesome to cum even though Jenny was using me to try to get pregnant. After I was done Jenny hugged me and said, ?We need to stay like this for 15 minutes while I milk your cock.?

Jenny squeezed her pelvic muscles and I could feel my cock getting more cum out as my cum leaked from her pussy. Finally she told me to slid out of her and Jojo sucked me clean. Jenny went to bed and said, ?Ken, you are going to have to cum in me again before I let you go home. Ooh and by the way my husband is going to help Michael and John with Karen.?

Jojo is a small /hot/hot-chick/">hot chick and Jenny is short and /fat/">fat. Jojo and I sixty nined and she kept me hard while I sucked her clit. She said, ?Jenny told me to keep you hard all day so you would have a lot of cum for her.?

The phone rang and it was Tammy giving me a play by play now that Glenn had arrived and was making Karen give him a rim job. Michael had already came in her ass and mouth and was going to fuck her pussy. John had cum in Karen?s /pussy/ass-pussy/pussy-and-ass/">pussy and ass and was going to use her mouth next. Glenn was getting warmed up so he could fuck all three of her holes. Michael laid down and fucked Karen?s pussy. She sucked John and Glenn used her ass so she had three cocks in her at once.

With that going on Tammy said she had to go. Jojo told me, ?I want to feel your cock in me.?

I followed her to her room and I fucked her from behind first. Then Jojo got on top of me and slid my cock in her pussy. She didn?t use a condom and said, ?Jenny keeps me on the pill so I don?t get pregnant.? 

Jojo had an orgasm as I fingered her clit while she was on top of me. We both fell asleep after she came but I was still hard. Jenny woke me up with her pussy on my face. 

?Make me cum,? she said, ?and then you can fuck me one more time and we can see how Karen is doing. 

I sucked Jenny for twenty minutes and she had an orgasm. Jenny lay next to me and said, ?I?ll let you rest and whenever you get hard again you will fuck me and then we can go back to Karen?s house. Until then the three guys get to keep Karen.?

I got hard quickly and finally started to fuck Jenny again. I had cum only once today but it took me 20 minutes of fucking Jenny before I came again. After I came Jenny made me stay inside her for ten more minutes to let the cum settle. I pulled out and Jojo sucked me clean and sucked her sister?s pussy. 

Jenny said, ?Just imagine Ken, Karen is having three guys fuck her until they are done with her. I?m going to shower and change and then I?ll go drop you off.?

Jojo sat on my face and squirted as she came. She then made me stroke myself as we waited for Jenny to be ready. It took Jenny two hours and we finally left. We got to Karen?s house at 5pm after we got something to eat at a drive thru since I was naked in the back under a blanket. Jenny dropped me off and Glenn said thanks as he passed me in the garage.

Tammy and Michael left and Mackenzie was sitting on Karen?s face as John got dressed. Renee walked in and played with my /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls until she got me hard. She then let me see Karen. Mackenzie got off Karen?s face and Karen had cum on her face, in her hair and dripping out of her pussy and ass. Renee stripped, and said, ?Suck my /feet/">feet and work your xxx sex video download free com way up my legs to my /asshole/">asshole.?

Renee used a dildo on Karen and Karen could barely move. I couldn?t see with my tongue in Renee?s asshole. Karen was making noises but she was exhausted from fucking three guys all night.

Renee kept me /hole/ass-hole/licking-her-asshole/">licking her asshole for twenty minutes and Karen passed out with Renee using the dildo on her.

Renee said, ?Ken you can come with me or suck your ex?s pussy.? 

I wasn?t about to lick that much cum so she took me home. Renee said, ?Karen come pick up Ken when you get some rest and cleaned up from your night of being a /sex/sex-toy/">sex toy.?

I still smelled of sex with all the pussies I had sucked and all the girls I had fucked. Renee had me jump rope and get all sweaty and she played with my cock and balls. I cleaned the kitchen, swept the back patio and vacuumed completely nude. If my cock started to soften Renee would massage my cock or my balls until I was totally hard again. She fed me and around 9pm and Karen showed up.

?I heard you had a good night, honey,? Renee told Karen. ?Ken is going to stay with me tonight and you can come back for him tomorrow morning.?

Karen asked, ?Renee, can I watch you keep Ken hard because it really turns me on to see him teased.?

?Sure,? Renee said, ?You can help me if I get tired. But he is going to sleep inside me tonight. Right Ken??

?Yes, I will,? I said.

Karen smiled and said, ? It was worth it to see you at my sister?s mercy and you are going to have fun tonight.?

Karen told me to stand by the TV and masturbate while she and Renee watched. Renee said not to cum. I got close and had to stop. They made me do this for an hour and I was getting sore. 

Renee told me to sit in her lap and she put a bag of ice on my cock and balls to get me soft. Then she led me to the bathroom to clean up. 

When we got back to the family Karen was naked and Renee said, ?Suck your ex-wife until she has two orgasms and then join me in bed.?

Karen spread her legs and I sucked and licked her /pussy/pussy-clit/pussy-and-clit/">pussy and clit. She said she was sore from last night but really enjoyed my mouth. I got my finger in Karen?s pussy and finally got her to cum twice by 11pm. Karen lubed my ass and put a finger in as she stroked my cock.

?This is what it fells like to be fucked in the ass and still have pleasure,? Karen said. Then she made me /hole/ass-hole/lick-her-asshole/">lick her sexxxx video ful hd asshole for five minutes before Dennis led her to another bedroom. He is Renee?s husband and she said, ?I am going to fuck Dennis tonight while you fuck Renee.? 

I went into Renee?s bedroom and got under the sheets. Renee got on top of me and put my cock in her pussy. She sucked my neck and I could tell was giving me hickies. I had to thrust up into her and finally made her cum. She got really wet and told me to stay in her and fall asleep and she would let me cum in the morning. 

Being hard most of the night I couldn?t sleep and when Renee rolled me on top of her I fucked her for everything I had and came very strongly. She said, ?Karen will take you home to get your clothes. Thanks and we?ll do it again soon.?